Concord Group

The Concord Group is composed of the 16 great-grandchildren of J.M. Kaplan. While geographically dispersed and personally and professionally diverse, this fourth generation of the Kaplan family shares a deeply held belief in justice, equality, freedom, and a sustainable future for all people—and these values are reflected in their collaborative grantmaking that builds opportunity and creates lasting impact in communities across the country.

During 2021 and 2022 the group recommended grants in the three main program areas of the Fund—Environment, Heritage Conservation, and Social Justice. To date, the group has supported initiatives around combating food deserts in Brooklyn, historic site restoration in Harlem, and reentry housing for transitioning residents in the Capital Region of New York.

Beginning in 2023, the Concord Group shifted their grantmaking approach, moving into an annual thematic approach. Each December, the Group chooses an overarching theme, then researches and tackles the topic from multiple perspectives, definitions, and vantage points. In 2023, the Concord Group focused on food insecurity as their overarching theme. In 2024, the group will focus on childcare & youth development.

Please note that we make grants by invitation only and do not accept unsolicited requests.