We champion the protection of threatened natural resources, and work to reduce the global impacts of climate change.

The Fund is proud of its history in supporting large-scale, bioregional initiatives from New York’s Hudson Valley to Chilean Patagonia, safeguarding marine life and the deep sea, and conserving critical natural resources in the Arctic. The Fund has sought to expand the scientific knowledge of these ecosystems, establish protective policy, build public awareness, and generate additional philanthropic support through funding collaboratives like the High Seas Alliance and the Arctic Funders Network. 

Today, the Fund focuses on the following areas of environmental grant making: 


We seek to address global climate change through initiatives that lower greenhouse gas emissions, such as supporting a just transition to renewable energy and increasing climate resiliency through nature-based climate solutions.   

This includes support for international partnerships working to reduce the amount of coal-generated electricity and creating clear pathways to renewable energy.  

In addition, we support the protection and restoration of ecosystems that are critical to addressing climate change and look to catalyze innovative models and financing mechanisms necessary to bring this important work to scale. 

Please note that we make grants by invitation only and do not accept unsolicited requests.