Heritage Trails at the Skyscraper Museum

New York, NY (March 12th, 2018) – In 1995, Richard Kaplan spearheaded Heritage Trails New York – a series of four trails, anchored by markers at 40 different sites, that illustrate the history of downtown Manhattan. He hoped that these trails would act not only as a way-finding system, but also as a tourist attraction to help revitalize Lower Manhattan.

The Skyscraper Museum recently included the Heritage Trails in their highly-lauded exhibit, “Millennium: Lower Manhattan in the 1990s”. In honor of Richard, The J.M. Kaplan Fund staff and guests toured the exhibit and celebrated amongst friends and family of Richard and of the Skyscraper Museum. You can view a video of the thoughtful remarks by Carol Willis, Executive Director of the Skyscraper Museum, and by James Sanders by clicking here.

If you are interested in learning more about Heritage Trails New York, and viewing the updated and digitized trails created by the Skyscraper Museum, please click here.

A portion of the exhibit at the Skyscraper Museum.

Edwina Sandys, Joan Davidson, Amy Freitag, and Carol Willis after remarks.